Saturday, October 06, 2018

Religion, Politics and Weather

I haven’t written a blog post in quite some time. I guess that’s partly because I — for the first time in my life —  have a job that consists almost entirely of writing. And while the vast majority of what I write is pretty much soul-crushingly boring, I don’t feel the need to have some sort of outlet for it in the way that I did in the past.

That’s too bad really, because — regardless of what anyone else thought of it — blogging often seemed like a good way to organize my thoughts. I guess that’s another part of it, though: I feel like I know less now about who I am and what I think and believe than at any time previous, and the few things that I do think and believe for sure are far too dark or contrarian for me to want to burden those around me with them. This started several years ago, but it hit some kind of critical mass just this January, and I’ve had a difficult time since. Religion and politics have always been poor subjects for conversation, I suppose. But now it’s worse.

Even the weather is ruined for me now. I spend untold hours writing about the weather and how it’s going to ruin your life and my life and everyone’s dog’s life. It used to be that when I was at a hotel (the only time I ever watch TV) and the news got so bad that I started getting heart-palpitations and having uncontrollable visualizations of myself diving off the balcony, I would change it to the Weather Channel and zone out. Apparently we each get the hell we deserve.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in hotels recently. That’s been fun actually — at least aside from not being able to watch TV in them. I love traveling and learning about new things, and I feel super lucky to be at a place in life where I get paid to do that. I spent most of last week in meetings at Kennedy Space Center. It was crazy and I felt like Forrest Gump the whole time. And then I spent all of this week in Savannah, where among other things I saw the park where Forrest Gump sat on his bench.

I still don’t really know anyone in Tallahassee aside from my coworkers, but a few of them have become friends now. Aside from that, not too much has changed since I last wrote. At least nothing that isn’t on the list of things I now refuse to write about. Despite that, I will try to post some things on here a bit more often than I have.

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Rebecca C said...

Excellent! I miss your posts as I’m sure many others do as well. Looking forward to more.