Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm always sick in Cairo - But it's worth it

I'm in Cairo, again, which naturally means I'm on lots of meds. In fact, I think next time I come to Cairo, I will just start taking broad-spectrum antibiotics before the plane touches down.

Why do I inevitably end up having to take antibiotics in Cairo? Because in Cairo, I eat lots of junk.

Why do I eat lots of junk in Cairo? Because it's delicious, and it's even cheaper than it's delicious. I don't know why they don't include it in the tourism information. Honestly, what Bangkok is to junkies and seekers of very non-conventional sex, Cairo could be to binge-eaters.

And it will have a similar effect on your body.

Rather than try to explain further, though, my friend Jacob and I teamed up one afternoon to document my gastronomical misadventures in this paradise of 12 cent sidewalk delicacies:

Egyptian ice tea from a very communal glass.

Gravy. On noodles. On a car. 

12 cent falafel sandwich. 

A tomato man.

Some kind of legume in a cup of salt water.


Egyptian style foul.

Fried eggplant.

The siren call of Felfela. 

Koshari. Koshari. Koshari. 

I can't stop.

This post may be a cry for help.

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