Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Shape of My Heart

So, I really like Sting. Believe it or not, I actually can remember hearing his music when I was three or four––I was sitting on the floor in my grandparents' living room when it came on the TV set––and thinking it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard. And then I didn't listen to it again. Period. That is, until relatively recently when I decided to give it a go again on the high recommendation of one of my former professors. And, I've found I love it nearly as much as when I was three. I've also found I enjoy playing/attempting to learn to play it myself now, and it inspired me to do something I haven't since I was an anxious something-teen year old. So here is my cover of "Shape of My Heart." I assure you, it sounds nothing like him, but if you're in a benevolent mood––or better yet––if you're slightly drunk, feel free to give it a listen:

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