Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Lent - My Useful Excuse

This afternoon I made the completely unplanned decision to get off of social media for Lent. I realize Lent technically started today, but the truth is it being Lent is only an excuse.

I've always scoffed at people who gave up social media just for the sake of giving up social media. Somehow for the last few months, though, I've had the growing urge to do just that. But because of my previously stated stance I needed an excuse. So, when I heard an old friend was giving up social media for Lent, I decided the excuse had arrived.

I haven't really decided if the fast is going to include blogging. With the lack of interesting activities and compelling stories I've had lately it's probably kind of irrelevant, though. I doubt I'll post anything even if it's not against the rules.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+, on the other hand, are definitely gone till Easter.

We'll see how it goes. Maybe when I come back I'll have something to write about because of it––as if fasting from social media/internet and then writing about it weren't the most overdone thing on the blogosphere.

At any rate, if you need/want to contact me and have no means of doing so outside cyberspace, leave your email address in a comment and I'll get back to you with mine.

Have a nice Lent.

- Andrew