Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Leaves of a different color

The first week of October is unequivocally the most beautiful time of year in northern Pennsylvania, and I can still remember the excitement as a little kid the first year that I had my own camera during that time. It was the same story as a teenager when I got my first digital camera. And when I got a DSLR, I remember being excited yet again. 

While I'm always happy to experience this time of year, it's one of those things that I tend to develop "photography fatigue" over. It seems like it's really easy to just end up taking the same shots over and over every year. I hate doing that, yet the prospect of trying to be creative and take different ones is exhausting enough that I'd actually planned on not taking any photos this year at all. 

But then, my brother asked if I'd take some for him and post them since he's not living here anymore, so Isaac, these are for you. And for everyone else, I hope they aren't too stereotypical. 



Andrea Manz said...

I would hardly call guinea fowl and opossums stereotypical :)

Rebecca said...

Love it.

Rebecca said...

Love it!