Monday, July 08, 2013

Stuff I Like - The Pacific Northwest

Last Friday we crossed over the mountains into what I guess is classified as the Pacific Northwest. I think I'm in love.

Drinking great coffee, eating seafood, jogging on the beach, drinking great beer, more great coffee, jogging on the beach again, more great beer. I could get used to it. 

The three days we spent there were split between Seattle, WA (which I've wanted to visit since my Dad's CBO made me read "Pour Your Soul Into It", Long Beach, WA (where we visited Josh's sister) and Astoria, OR (which is probably one of the coolest little towns I've been in.)

I could ramble on for awhile about why I like it so much, but the fortune cookie version is I feel like it has the better parts of the East and the West, along with a little something else I can't quite put my finger on. 

At any rate, I was a little sorry to leave this morning.  

Maybe California will be good though. 


Isaac said...

Was that some sort of beer sampler? Or were you guys just feeling diverse?

Andrew said...

Yeah, it's a sampler. You can actually get one much like it at Yorkholo, though without quite as many things.

Jessica said...

I like all of those pics, but that last one is AWESOME! Don't tell my mom, but Jesse really really wants to land on the west coast next. We'll see... I'm itching to be closer to family but you have definitely piqued my curiosity ;o)

Andrew said...

Well it would be cool to see you guys more often, but I'm sure you'd enjoy the west coast. I'd probably have to come visit sometime (and the chances of it happening would be better than Germany, lol)

Linda said...

I like your pictures, too, Andrew!!! And I'm glad you're having this amazing adventure!

Don't tell my daughter, but I *read* your blog . . . and anywhere in the continental US would be fine with me, because I'd like to see the west coast, too!