Thursday, December 13, 2012


A relatively young friend of mine just created a remix of the single Drenched by Wanting. I say "just" because it "just" became available for voting as part of a remix competition on, but the fact is he's been working on it for a long time. And I say "relatively young" only in terms of actual time alive. I've consistently been blown away by Jonathan's level of motivation and artistic maturity. I once stayed at his house and got up around six to get ready for worship team rehearsal and found him already around and in front of the computer, waveforms pulsing by on the display, working on something like this.

I would say you should listen to it as a favor to me, but the fact is you will really be doing yourself a favor. It's that good.

Here's the link: Wanting - Drenched (Marc Remix)

And just in case you're completely mesmerized after listening, don't forget to vote for it :) 

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