Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Merry Christmas

I've never disliked a Christmas, but some seem to be better than others. I feel like it's odd to break something as intangible as a holiday into its components and then make value judgments on them so I won't, (and there are lots of Christmas songs that do that anyways) but safe to say, all those components seem to have come through strong––but not too strong––this year. Christmas for me is also based on a lot of tradition, and for something that gets its presence from the past, I'm not sure if you really have the power to say it's "the best I can remember" without feeling like you're disowning it somehow. But in many ways this does feel like the best I can remember. Of course maybe its history is why I can say that. Maybe all the things I feel are "the best I can remember" are all echoing back to some archetypal celebration in Christian or northern European or early American history––some feeling that people had a long time before I was born. So in that case, I guess it's possible to say "the best I can remember" and have it be true and appropriate at the same time.

At any rate, all I really wanted to say––before I got caught up in my thoughts of whether or not I could say it in a way that didn't kill it––was Merry Christmas, and I'm thankful for how merry it feels, and for the real reason that this glorious Roman Catholic Holiday of Anglo-European extraction that we call Christmas really is merry. God coming to the world as a little human baby in a little town on the eastern edge of the known western world to live among us and die as one of us to bring all of us everywhere the possibility of becoming His children.

Have a Merry Christmas


Kelly said...

Merry Christmas, Andrew.

Andrew said...

Thanks Kelly :)