Sunday, November 11, 2012

One of those weeks

It has been a frustrating, disappointing and generally demoralizing week.

Everything that I was afraid would happen in my post a few weeks ago happened with the exception of this blog being deleted (Google actually did delete it, but I sent them a complaint in which I laid out the same case I made in the afore-mentioned post for why it was ridiculous that they delete my blog, and the next morning they actually sent me an apology of sorts and un-deleted it).

While I suppose that may mean more to me in the distant future, it's a small reprieve compared to losing the YouTube channel––my only anything-like-consistent source of income––and knowing that all the hundreds of hours of work I did on my other channels over the last couple months was probably pointless.

And then there was the election. That was disappointing.

I just finished applying to work at a hospital––in public relations, that is. I figure as long as medicare is around, healthcare is one industry that will be growing. And medicare won't be going anywhere for the next four years.

I don't care much for hospitals, and I always swore I'd never work in one, but this job listing was literally the first job listing in my field of study that I have seen within 80 miles of my home since I started looking in May. So I figured I'd better apply.

This whole living 20 miles from everywhere with no car and almost no money was kind of relaxing for a few months, but it's starting to wear on me now.

Listen to me complain. I mean really, such first-world problems. Most people out there don't have cars, don't worry about not being able to find jobs "in their field of study" and have political leaders who are far worse than ours in many ways.

Still––relative to my own culture expectations––it's been a pretty sucky week.

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