Monday, August 20, 2012


A couple days ago I went ahead and did something I'd been thinking about for a long time: Created a demo-reel.

It doesn't seem like it should be that hard. It's mainly just a mashup of two-to-five second clips from films and promo-videos I've already completed, after all. For some reason sorting through my past 14 months of work and making choices about what to include seemed daunting to me. Seemingly arbitrary decisions are always the most exhausting.

Then there was the issue of a soundtrack. I couldn't find any legally usable music I liked for it, so in the end I finally buckled down and turned DJ for an hour and to cook up a little down-beat electronica thing. Was actually surprisingly rather happy with how it turned out.

Then came the painful part: Decided what to included and how to order it. I decided that the first half would––in general––focus on people, and the second half––in general––on places. Because I go through close to ten videos in two minutes it plays a bit choppy, but I decided I would rather have that than risk doing something cheesy with transitions. If you have a minute, feel free to take a look.

Andrew Wilber Demo Reel 1.2 from Andrew Wilber on Vimeo.


Annalise said...

It's awesome. 'Specially the end -- and I like the music, too.

Kelly said...

I like how it shows off all your adventures! Nice work :)