Saturday, April 07, 2012

Too at home to see what home is

As a former anthropology/sociology major, I think it's interesting how bound people are to their own culture.

One area in particularly is perception of political bias.

Our perception of bias is something that is so socially and nationalistically constructed that it is hard to even see for anyone who did not grow up with cultural norms and understandings associated with the worldview or party that the bias is associated with.

I hear people (American people) again and again talk about how much they love the BBC for the fact that it is "unbiased." But is it really unbiased? Or is it just that the fact that BBC journalists didn't grow up in American culture, and thus don't care about it enough to be biased, and Americans who watch/read it as a supposedly unbiased news source don't know or care enough about the politics that matters to the BBC to think that it's biased?

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