Friday, March 30, 2012

One my least favorite things

This week has been kind of ridiculous. Sometimes in good ways and sometimes in not-so-good ways.

Tuesday I spent all day in a conference with journalists and a designer from WORLD Magazine. I've read WORLD off and on since I was able to read, so it was interesting to meet some of the staff and see how things work for them. The designer ended up staying for a while afterwords to give us some pointers on production, as that is what we were about to spend the evening working on.

The issue that we were producing was our April Fools Day issue, and when it hit the stands yesterday, I think the general consensus on campus was that it was the best thing Triangle, the school newspaper has ever done––which is both good and kind of sad at the same time, as nothing in it was actually true.

The conference on Tuesday caused me to miss all of my classes that day (with the exception of my night class) which caused me to not find out that one of my assignments for Thursday had been dramatically shortened, which caused me to spend the better part of the day on Wednesday frantically working and becoming more and more frustrated. The assignment was related to my criticism paper for Rhetorical Thought and Theory, which I have had a very difficult time finding sources for. Fortunately, instead of having to submit the completed literature review yesterday, I only needed an annotated bibliography. Unfortunately, I didn't learn that until Wednesday night.

Yesterday went along as most Thursdays have this semester until I was in the middle of cooking supper. I got a call to come to an emergency meeting for Triangle in regards to an issue that surfaced last semester but unexpectedly went sideways today. I unfortunately can't talk about what it is right now, but it will probably be the subject of an extended post sometime in the near future.

Save to say, that same issue was what consumed the lion's share of my time and effort today, doing things that I hate doing, because they involved interpersonal communication.

I hate talking to people face-to-face––especially if it involves any kind of confrontation or attempt at persuasion. I would much rather write, make a video or even speak publicly from a podium to people than actually have a conversation with them. It's one my least favorite things.


Leigha said...

Perhaps a little self questioning on that subject of not liking face to face would be helpful. Is it just when confrontation is involved? Is it with only certain kinds of situations or is it people in general... or just certain people?

Perhaps you've already done all this searching and have come to an understanding of what is driving your distaste. I just wonder if you understood what was at the root, you could move beyond it??? Or maybe just become a hermit or a full-time blogger!

Andrew said...

It's definitely worse when confrontation is involved or I'm trying to convince someone about something. If it's just a friendly conversation with no other purpose then I don't mind so much.

Leigha said...

So, what does that tell you about yourself? That you don't like confrontation or 'stressful' topics of discussion... why is that? What don't you like about it?

Is it that it usually generates hostility? Why is that? Why do we get 'hostile' during confrontation?

I wonder if it could partly be because we have a lack of understanding of each other's uniqueness (and the beauty in that) as well as the lack of accepting that we are all in a different spot of our journey with God - and of course the lack of love - true love.

I don't know what it is for you, but I do think that if you can determine that, it will be very helpful for you in dealing with others in a loving, honest and fulfilling way - for you and for them.