Sunday, March 25, 2012

Leaking my own video

Between an essay for History and Nature of the English Language, a presentation for Trafficking In Persons, and another presentation for Rhetorical Thought & Theory, I was pretty busy this past week. The one thing, however, that consumed the single largest amount of my time, was a video for Bryan Triangle. Not just any video though. A spoof on my favorite TV show, TopGear. While it's technically not public until tomorrow, I decided I would give the readers of this blog a jump-start on seeing it... and as long as nobody goes and posts it all over Facebook, I think we should be okay. (after today, March 25, you are welcome to post it all over fb, by the way... it's just not supposed to be there right yet).


Maryah said...

Haha, great video! (And just so you know, I just created a facebook account and friended everyone that wanted to friend a "Count Von Kramm" (Bohemian nobleman, btw)..then I posted your video countless times and I have officially become a scammer, er, a leaker, er whatever the "technical" term is for that.) =D

Andrew said...

hahaha, so that's why it's already spread all over Facebook!

Isaac said...

hehe, I'm sure the walmart security had seen stranger things than college kids in rocking chairs lol!