Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dayton Where?

In a class I'm taking right now, History and Nature of the English Language, my professor was talking about how Dayton TN used to be called Smith's Crossroads. 

When the railroad came through though, the good people of would-be Dayton pulled what would not be their last public relations stunt and changed the name to Dayton, after Dayton OH, which was at the other end of the rail-line.

Although I'm not nearly interested enough in this to research it properly, I think I can finally intelligently theorize as to why so many town names in Pennsylvania where I grew up are shared (to the great confusion of customers when I worked for an alternative energy heating dealership that sold to Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Ohio) by towns in so many other states:

Ohio copied all of Pennsylvania's town names, and then Tennessee copied all of Ohio's town names, which is why when I say I am from Troy, worked in Mansfield, and go to school in Dayton, everyone in America assumes I am from their state.

Of course, I guess being frustrated at Ohio and Tennessee for confusing my life is a bit hypocritical. The original Mansfield is in England somewhere, and I hear Troy was somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean––before it got destroyed by those bloody Greeks.

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