Friday, February 03, 2012


I spent today recovering from yesterday. Yesterday wasn't anything unusual. Just loads and loads of the usual.

Ever since the mailroom decreed that they would not put Triangle––the campus newspaper that I work for––in student and professor mailboxes unless we deliver all 800 of them folded by 9:00am, we have had to get up at 7:30 to get them all done. Hands black with ink, I went to the library to finish editing a paper for a class later on in the day about The Dream of the Rood, an Old English poem. Then it was three consecutive classes. Since it was Thursday, each one of those was an hour and a half long.

Since it was a beautiful day, I couldn't resist going for a run. This may have not been a good idea, as I think I may be sick. But I enjoyed it. After that, I had to finish recording a video story with one of Triangle's reporters who had never done one before, which is always a little extra challenge. Then it was back to the library to one of the iMacs to spend four hours straight editing. Normally I have all weekend to do this, but because the story was time sensitive, it needed to be finished by the next morning, so I figured I had better get it done.

So that was yesterday. Today was much more chill, as honestly, most of this semester has been. Below is one of my video stories. Not the one that I did yesterday, but one that I worked on last week with Clari... who is really good at it. It required me to do math. Which is interesting, as I picked my major partly in order to avoid math.

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