Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Walk with Mom

I kept very busy the last couple days of Christmas vacation, and that busyness continued up through my return drive to Tennessee the day before yesterday. My break up until that point was blissfully lackadaisical, interrupted only by activities such as attending functions related to my extended family; the dynamics of which could be reasonably compared to the politics of Europe sometime between the World Wars, unintentionally becoming an accomplice in a drug deal in New York State; an experience which caused me to cross drug-dealer off my list of potential occupations, and eating extremely well. This lifestyle was brought to an abrupt end when I decided––for reasons that were not entirely clear to me then or now––to take the LSAT this February. Since to the best of my ability to discern my own desires, I do not want to continue my education or be an attorney, I cannot tell you what combination of subconscious suggestions by relatives, boredom, or the vague idea that I someday want to be wealthy and respected could have prompted me to sign up to take the infamous academic achievement test for entrance to law school. I can tell you, however, that I decided to while on a walk with my Mom, which brings us to the real point of this post.

One of my favorite things to do whenever I'm home, you see, is go for a walk with my Mom. I really only did once this vacation, and it was a rather cloudy day. Realizing I had taken nearly no photos all break though, I decided to grab my camera. It turned out the battery was almost dead, so I only had a limited number of shots. Sometimes I feel like that sort of thing can actually make for more interesting photos though. So here, in a mostly unedited sort of extended photo essay, is my Walk with Mom:

A January 2nd sky in Coryland PA.

Gas spilled on the pavement. The colors used to fascinate me to no end as a young child.

My Mom.
When I was little, I can remember my parents pushing me past this tree in a racing stroller. I always loved looking at the roots, which were visible because of erosion. I came home this time to find it had been chopped down. You can still see the roots though.

This vehicle was abandoned (I hear the owner has threatened to kill anyone who touches it, but for all practical purposes, abandoned) beside our road several years ago, and has not moved since. It vexes my Mom to no end.

Some kind of mechanism on the telephone line, the function of which I do not know, but can vaguely remember being told that it has something to do with squirrels.

Our walking companion of the last several years, Bella. For some reason my shots of her are always blurry. I could be using a DSLR or a cellphone. The result is the same.

Returning to our house at dusk.
My best photo is not here, unfortunately. You see I ordered a print of it for my Mom and I don't want her to see it here before she gets it. But maybe I'll post it later.


mattea kiriel said...

I was so upset when they cut that tree down :/

Leigha said...

Funny Andrew... I really enjoy reading about your thinking. You see, you don't really communicate verbally in this way (at least to me - which could be that I'm old and irrelevant - which believe me, I realize all too well). The boy thinking humors me much and I think of my own silly boy's thinking styles...

Anyway, nice pics.

Keep rambling.

Halifirien Pilgrim said...

I really like that last one.

Andrew said...


I'm glad you enjoyed it. And no, I don't think your old or irrelevant at all. I honestly just struggle with the whole interpersonal communication thing... so sometimes when I write people almost think I have a different personality (which has gotten me in trouble before)

Rebecca said...

Excellent post! Checking the mail everyday! :D

M G A said...

Gorgeous photos! My favs are the house and the gas spots on the pavement! :)

Unknown said...

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