Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a few brief snapshots

If you're not one of my friends from home (which makes most of you) and didn't read my post a couple weeks ago, then you probably don't know who my friend Chris was. He very sadly passed away two weeks ago tomorrow, and I've obviously been going through the emotions you would expect. I've also been, along with the other people who knew him, reflecting on the great times that we had together. One of those times was a trip we took to Buffalo in 2010 to see the Canadian post-punk band Tokyo Police Club and Freelance Whales. I recently found some video that I had taken of our trip on one of my external hds and decided to post it here both in his honor and to share with those who knew him––and those who didn't as well.

Here is also my blog post that I wrote about the trip shortly after it occurred. While it leaves out some of the more colorful bits of the adventure like our elaborate and highly successful scheme to convince the bouncers we were over 21 and such, it should put the above video in better context. Otherwise, it just shows a few brief snapshots in time of a guy who I really, really miss, but am very glad to have known.


M G A said...

:: smiles ::

Rebecca said...

This is really great! Thanks for putting it up :)

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