Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Best Ever

I spent this morning finishing up my last four assignments for Intro to Teaching English as a Second Language, the rather horrible online course I've had this semester. After preparing each of them in .pages documents, I quickly cut and pasted them all into the submission fields on the class website and hit submit. And I was like, "Well, glad I'm done with that." It took me a couple minutes to realize that those were the last thing I had to do this semester. That's always a good realization––when you have it.

It was a crazy semester, with it's share of excitement, depression, and downright weirdness. Before Thanksgiving break, I was tempted to say, for the first time in my college career, that time flew by. But somehow, after Thanksgiving, I started looking back and thinking "Did that really happen this semester?" And suddenly, it seemed like a long period of time again. Still I feel like it went faster than ever before. In fact, despite all of the ways in which it was a horrible semester, I think I have to say that it was probably my best experience yet (not counting SBI). I'm not sure if that's a happy thing or a sad thing. The standard for being my best semester ever has not exactly been set high by my previous experiences.

Half way through, I raised some eyebrows here and at home with my recap of the first half, and I remember wondering then if the second half would be as crazy. I guess I'm glad to say that it was not––at least for me personally. I think over fall break I kind of gave into the emotional exhaustion and didn't feel like fighting anymore... and have pretty much been in that state since then. So it will be good to have some time to (hopefully) recover here.

I'm heading back north tomorrow. Without my car, which may make it an interesting Christmas vacation. My car is in need of a couple thousand dollars of replacements before it's really in condition to drive 800 miles non-stop, and just the gas alone is over $100. So I'm riding back with Jana and Meagan all the way to Penn State, and then hopefully having my parents pick me up there.

So it's back into the howling hills of northern Pennsylvania for Christmas. I hope it will be a better one than last year. Of course, considering that I spent last Christmas Eve packing up sales kiosks at a Mall in Lynchburg Virginia for free, it shouldn't be hard to beat. But even beyond that, I do hope, and intend for it to be a good time, even if that just means seeing people I haven't seen in awhile.

But first I have to get there.

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Halifirien Pilgrim said...

At least you don't have to ride a horse, or walk. That would be sad. Hmmm...I wonder how long it would take me to walk home...

but YAY!!! You're done! :D