Monday, November 14, 2011

Productive... or not

I was rather down last week for some reason. Also came down with a bit of a cold of some sort that's been going around campus. Have generally been keeping up with assignments a little better than I was during the first half of the semester though. I guess those woe-is-me times can sometimes help me focus, or at least feel guilty enough about vaguely defined but terrible shortcomings that I perceive in my life to not want to add to them by squandering my education and money by not actually doing "productive" things. This weekend I finished up production on the latest video for Triangle, and started filming interviews for another. The one that just got posted, is––if not the most profound––easily the most entertaining of the year to date. Most of this is thanks to Alex Green, and his amazingness. But then, I did spend about 8 hours getting it to look the way that it does in post, so I guess I can take a little credit for it. Enjoy:

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Rebecca said...

I especially like how Dr. Rose makes an appearance!