Sunday, November 20, 2011

Always running from time

Drafting my research paper for intro to teaching English as a second language and finishing the video story about National Gaming Day that had started last Saturday pretty well consumed the last three days of the week. There was also preparing for the last official class meeting of Senior Seminar, which meant having my portfolio––something supposedly supposed to represent the last 3 and 1/2 years of my life finished, dressing up, and having a mock interview at 8am Friday morning.

Saturday I woke up early-ish again and ran in the 5k for Kenya run that SIFE holds as an annual fundraiser for Gethsemane International to help AIDS orphans or something like that. I learned this year that it's technically only 2.9 miles, not quite a 5k, but the hills and the fact that it's largely off-road make up for it. I finished in 22.13, which is better than I did last year if I recall.

I unfortunately had a class/brunch that I was supposed to be at in Dayton at the same time as the race was happening, so after stopping for a few minutes at the finish line, I just kept on running the half mile or so to the house where the event was. It was the final meeting for the Chicago Story Conference group, which was more interesting than most of my classes, and I also ended up eating a much more substantial breakfast than I otherwise would have, which was probably good after the run.

I spent the rest of yesterday chilling out and today haven't done much but go shopping quickly this morning and then doing a take-home exam for Law of Criminal Justice, which was much more straightforward than the first one and I finished in just a little over an hour.  

I'm starting to feel like I'm really over the hill with this semester. There's still some work to be done for sure, but several of my classes are over already, and of those that aren't, the projects that I was kind of dreading all semester (dreading is probably too strong a word––more like 'not looking forward to) are mostly finished. 

So much has happened this semester. I think it's the first one during which time kind of got away from me. The beginning doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but if I think of everything that's gone on, it starts to seem like it was.

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