Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Some random events

It's been a good bit since my last post. Nothing extraordinary has happened, but that isn't to say that nothing has happened.

I created my first video story for of the semester for Triangle. It was about this Genesis Symposium that the Bryan Institute is hosting in Chattanooga. I was able to interview to of the profs. behind it and make what was at least a technically decent video about it. Maybe I was still seeing red some of the controversy earlier this semester, but they got the impression that I was being negative in how I portrayed it, which wasn't my goal, but it may have come across that way... so I had to put that fire out. It all ended well, and I had a good talk with both of them, but it was stressful while it was happening.

I got invited to go to England over spring break to attend the L'Abri retreat that Spiritual Formation does annually. While I was kind of honored that they thought of me, there was a significant caveat––it costs $1500. There are also the issues that I don't really like being around people that much, and I tend to get morbidly depressed when I think about philosophical/theological questions, both of which I would have been doing on the trip. So I had to say no.

Classes have been going alright. I keep getting behind in my two comm courses. It isn't that they're particularly difficult, or even that I don't have time. I'm just still not particularly motivated to do the assignments, or even remember that I have the assignments to do, which isn't really good. But then, I haven't been too worried about it, which is a plus. One of the classes is Senior Seminar, which is about getting ready for life after college or something like that. The annoying thing is, I already, by some fluke of the registrar, had to take a similar course as a sophomore (makes so much sense right?) at Mansfield. So I feel like I've already sat through a lot of this before.

When I didn't sign up for the meal plan this semester, it was because I didn't want to pay for it. After the first week of cooking for myself however, I was afraid I might end up spending more money than if I had gone with the plan. I finally added up my receipts from the last six weeks of school though, and it worked out that I've been spending only $30 a week on food, which I was somewhat impressed by honestly, and is definitely cheaper than if I was eating at the cafeteria. 

I haven't been back to the farm since my last post, and it was nice to finally have a weekend with pretty much nothing to do after over a month of not having a free weekend. Unfortunately, I may need to cover homecoming this Saturday, which means I may not be able to go back this weekend either.

Last week I was assigned two video stories for Triangle, working with writers this time to interview the subjects. So it's still a lot of work filming and editing them, but at least a little leg work is cut out of it by having someone else to make the appointments and ask the questions. I finished one of them tonight, and after it's posted tomorrow, I may embed it on here (I was planning on doing that with the first one about the symposium, but then I got so upset about the whole thing that I didn't feel like it).

I guess that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

I do frequent your posts and wanted to give you an encouragement... hang in there!

Andrew said...

Thanks :)

Isaac said...

only $30 a week on food? Either good job or you eating the wallpaper! :D

Andrew said...

Eating the wallpaper ;)