Friday, October 21, 2011


It's kind of unfortunate that fall break is already over. I feel like I just got here. I didn't get to see several of the people I was hoping to, but then, I saw a few people that I wasn't expecting to see at all. I did absolutely no school work, but I read quite a bit––for me at least––both of which things are good in my opinion. For better or worse though, I'll be heading back to Tennessee at 4:30am tomorrow morning.

Part of the reason it seemed like a shorter break is probably because it was. Because of hitching a ride up with someone else to save money and miles on my car, I left a day later than I probably would have, and now, because I'm riding back down with my family, I'm leaving a day earlier than I would otherwise. At least I don't have to drive the whole way by myself though.

While any kind of break is nice, I usually feel like these little week long ones are difficult. It probably takes me more than I week to really emotionally adjust to being anywhere, so spending just a week is always kind of discombobulating, and I don't know if it will necessarily be easier or harder to continue with school work now.

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Leigha said...

Andrew, you sound like you need a 'Calgone take me away' bath. Just prepare a nice big hot bath, pour a glass of wine (or whatever) and sip and relax and consider all the beauty God has brought into your life (excluding the obese flasher)as well as all His innate beauty... and allow His presence to not only relax but re-energize you.

Then say, "Aahhhhhh" are you're ready to get back to 'the grind'