Monday, October 24, 2011

Different Worlds

I'm beginning to think that I may be one of the most bipolar people in the entire world as far as my political views and affiliation are concerned.

Just an hour ago, I was forced to make a choice as to how I would spend my week: Would I go to Chattanooga and cover Occupy as they crash a campaign fundraiser by Congressmen Chuck Fleischmann and Speaker of the House John Boehner, or would I go to Atlanta for three days (expenses paid) and attend the Hillsdale forum on Markets, Government and the Common Good?

When one of my professors told me he had a vacancy and that he'd like me to go to Atlanta with him after class today, I was torn, not because I had to do either, but because I found them both to be very attractive opportunities. But how different could the possibly be? You probably couldn't ask for events from a more divergent ends of the political continuum.

I the end, I said yes, to my prof's invitation, but I still plan on attending one of the Occupy events. In fact, I found out that there is a group even closer than Chattanooga, which makes more sense if I cover it in the campus paper, because it's supposed to be local.

So hopefully I'll get the best of both worlds. But what different worlds they are.

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Isaac said...

good luck!