Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maybe it was something I ate in Lebanon

It's been a crazy week, and it's almost over, even though it was only two days long.

I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for Story Conference which is a meeting of Christian media and creative professionals. I'm stoked about the trip, but it meant that I had to compress all of my school for the week into the past 48 hours and the weekend. On top of that, I was working on the biggest, most ridiculous, and potentially controversial news story for Triangle that I've ever done. I obviously can't go into specifics, but it involved talking with like 20 people before I found anyone who was even willing to talk about it, and the interviews weren't even nailed down until two hours before my deadline for the entire article. Safe to say, ridiculous as it is, it may actually be a good thing that I'll be 500 miles away when the print edition hits the mail boxes on Thursday or Friday.

I've never really felt the motivation to chase a story this hard or this far. I'm usually preoccupied with other things, and besides, I tend to be a pushover, and pressuring people at all for information they don't want to give up usually makes me want to throw up. Heck, writing stories isn't even one of my job requirements as MM editor. I guess I was just frustrated with enough of the underlying issues that ended up surfacing in the story itself––or more accurately the underlying reasons that people wanted to suppress it, that I suddenly had this desire to blow the whole thing up whether people would help me or not and name names whether people wanted to be named or not... and that feeling stayed with me consistently until I submitted the final draft to my editor.

Now I'm hoping I didn't go too far, but I guess I won't know that until I get back from Chicago, or possibly when the chatter starts on fb. I really don't know what that feeling I had was from though. Maybe it was something I ate in Lebanon.


mattea kiriel said...

WOO HOO!! I am so glad you blew up that story!!


Halifirien Pilgrim said...

Way to act on your frustrations! Nice that you can.