Sunday, August 21, 2011

Looking Up

After packing until about 2am last night, I woke up early, said goodbye to some of my family, drove to Canton Mennonite Church, gave a presentation, got my neck adjusted by my friend Nick (a chiropractor... my neck had been screwed up for the last couple days) and then set off on the trip back to Tennessee in the pouring rain.

While this all could have very easily turned into a very bad day, I was blessed with everything going extraordinarily well. I got packed, my presentation went well and it looks like I'm going to get some serious help paying the deficit that I had in my support (which is both a big and unexpected relief). The drive down so far to where I'm staying in Virginia has gone smoothly, and even my hotel room is awesome. It's definitely a lot easier to do it this way than driving 14 and half hours all at once.

So anyhow, things have been looking up a bit, which is good. I don't know if this post has much of a point, but I feel like my last few have been kind of depressing, so maybe this is just to keep it balanced.... like Fox News... only not, but I won't get into that. Speaking of news though, there's some interesting stuff happening in Tripoli right now... so you should check that out.

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