Friday, August 12, 2011

Back In the [Other] Real World

It's been up and down since I got back. On the up, it's good to relax again, see my family, and not fight with taxi drivers every other day. On the down, I'm bankrupt, and I'm afraid my asthma which I have not had a problem with since I was eight or nine may be mysteriously returning. Of course I can't find out for sure, because I got dropped from my family's health insurance policy. More dire than that, I am technically not allowed back on campus until I have health insurance. So it seems the logical thing would be to buy health insurance, but as I just said, I'm bankrupt. Actually I do have enough money, but the problem is I still owe money from this summer's little adventure, and I had slated the bit of money that I had left to pay for that in case I couldn't raise all my support––which I couldn't. So now new developments have put me between a bit of a rock and a hard place, as it were. So that isn't fun, but there is a chance a couple things could work out that will make it work, so hopefully they will.

Other than worry about that stuff I haven't really done too much since I got back. I've been dabbling with selling some of my photos on stock image sites, but I'm afraid I don't have too much of a chance at that, since most of it qualifies more as travel or art photography than stock photography, so even if it were good, which I'm not saying it is, it probably wouldn't get accepted.

Assuming that I actually can go back to school, which isn't really certain right now, I think I'm actually looking forward to it, which is unusual for me. So I guess it's good that that is coming up soon. Although, it could just be because there is now the possibility that it won't happen that I actually want it... seems that that's how my mind works often, which is too bad if you're trying to be happy.


Anonymous said...

Andrew... what are you doing next Friday (the 19th)? Can you come up for dinner?


eanthony4507 said...

I'll be praying that you get all the details worked out. Glad you've gotten a little rest here and there since you've been back. I hope you get to go back, and finish your senior year with all your friends! Keep me updated with everything. :)