Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where, oh where, oh where....

It's been a couple weeks since I posted from Bcharre, the halfway-point of the LMT. I've been unimaginably busy, and, as has been the dilemma on so many occasions this summer, I'm faced with memories of far too many amazing events and experiences to possibly cover on my blog. So rather than going through the day by day details of the hike, I'm afraid I will be reduced to posting a few photos, which will hopefully communicate something of what I would like to:

After finishing the hike, I completed my final video (which was about the hike) went to the emergency room (I had become progressively more and more ill during the hike) went out and experienced some of Beirut's night life, burned dozens of DVD's, and got flew to Italy, where I am now. So that was the last week. Sorry for the lack of details and/or eloquence, but I hope you enjoyed the photos, and also that I'll have a chance to tell many of you the stories behind them in person.

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mattea kiriel said...

Love the pictures! And just over 24 hours until you are home!!!