Monday, June 13, 2011

Just to keep em' guessing

On my flight from the US, a man in Amman told his son that I was Italian. Yesterday I walked up to a checkout counter at a grocery store and the cashier started talking to me in Arabic and then seemed surprised when I gestured that I didn't understand. Today someone randomly asked me if I was Russian, and then, after explaining that I was from the US and conversing for a few minutes, he said "so you said you're from London?" I'm apparently no longer recognizable as an American. That's not to say that I look Lebanese or Arab, just that I don't look entirely American.

I remember the days back in Italy and Greece when people would automatically start speaking English to me when they saw me, and I would sometimes hear "Americano" said in hushed tones as I walked passed. So what happened? Are the Europeans just more perceptive at identifying Americans? Or perhaps I look different now. I know that I dress differently, so that could be it. At any rate, the world being what it is today, being mistaken for something non-American is probably a good thing, and I guess I will choose to think of it as such.


mattea kiriel said...

That is really funny.

ajfcello said...

haha! Thats hilarious!