Saturday, March 19, 2011

Skeleton Bones

Sometimes I feel like work and stress are all really relative. For instance, this semester has been really intense, and I was completely ready for spring break to come when it did. But then, my spring break obviously ended up being crazy, and even more intense than the semester so far. Getting back to work on Monday, it almost felt relaxing, even though it's still just about as bad as it was before the break. So who knows? Would be a good I idea to always have a stressful spring break?

On the down side, I finally caught the illness that everyone else was getting in Latvia. It's not terrible so far, but not fun either. That combined with some fund raising set backs (or rather deadlines I didn't know about) have had me feeling a little overwhelmed for the last 48 hours or so....

I did do something really fun on Wednesday, right before I came down with the cold. I went to see John Mark McMillan in Chattanooga. It was really, really good... probably the 2nd best concert I've ever been at.


Kelly said...

Hey, my best friend from home was at that concert! Maybe you saw her and didn't even know it :)

Andrew said...

That's really cool! I did run into a lot of people that I knew/knew of there... so maybe I say her :)