Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cities and [Sleepless] Nights

Well, it's been a crazy week... perhaps the craziest ever. Steve and I got our film completed... by the skin of our teeth. It was stressful and I pulled my first all-nighter in longer than I can remember. I met some really cool people along the way though, and I think the girls that we did the movie for enjoyed it, which was really the point.

I also toured Cēsis, where they have a Castle, an art museum, and cappuccinos that rival anything I had in Italy. Below are some pictures from that: 
The castle... and me under a bridge.

Good old Lenin... lost his place in the town square in 1991 and is now in a huge box behind the castle.
Looking down an alley in downtown Cēsis.
Some fried pike that I ate at this delightful little traditional Latvian restaurant in the middle of one of their national forest areas.
After the award ceremony for the films, which was stressful... as only one of the films was technically completed at the beginning (the rest were all in different stages of rendering and were finished as the show was going) and there were about 200 people there, we went back to the church and hung out with the kids until about 3AM... meaning that my sleepless night of editing with Steve nearly became two sleepless nights.

This morning we said goodbye to Limbaži and headed for Riga. We spent the afternoon touring the historic part of the city, which was beautiful, and reminded me a lot of Austria. The train into the city was interesting as I had a drunk Latvian man fall asleep in my lap. Yes, you read that right, but I'm far to tired right now to go into details... so you'll have to ask me later.


Isaac said...

A cappuccino that could rival anything you had in Italy? Impressive.

mattea kiriel said...

And the above was from me. Didn't know I was in Isaac's account...

Isaac said...

from now on I'm not going to bother signing in out of your account! :P