Friday, January 28, 2011

On Think-Tanks & Stockholm

It was a long week. While I'm glad the weekend is here, I'm afraid it's not going to be quite as much of a break as I wish it would be. I have a take home test for Spanish which I already started on it this evening, though I still have more than half of it to go. I'm also going to try and work ahead a bit on some of my homework so that next week doesn't end up like this week, with me skipping lunch and staying up until 2am everyday to get everything done.

I feel like things turned out alright though for the most part. I got my first story published in the Triangle, which is cool. I also had what is hopefully a breakthrough with my next story, and it looks right now like it's going to turn out to be a lot bigger and more exciting than I thought it would be when I asked for it. My interviews aren't scheduled till Monday though, so I'll let let you know about it when it unfolds.

Classes went a bit rough today... I had a quiz which I bombed for Spanish and homework do for my Logic/Algebra class that I didn't understand. Fortunately I did well on all my other Spanish stuff, and a friend saved my life on the math this time. I'm a bit worried about it for the future though, because I know I can't rely on that happening forever.

Last night our ACTS Project class met for the second time this semester at the Benson's house. It was pretty fun, but we were given our syllabus, and that class is going to be a lot more work than I think anyone thought. My friend Andrew and I were talking about it a bit as he drove us back to Bryan. We had both assumed that all we would have to do was read some books and discuss them together. Instead we have assignments due every week, a presentation, and these "cross-cultural experience" activities that sound like they will have us running across Dayton and Chattanooga... so-so much for an easy class.

In other events, Break for Change is picking up speed as we get closer to the date. I got my flight itinerary, and it sounds amazing! I was next to ecstatic when I found out that one of our connections on the way back is in Stockholm... some place that I have wanted to visit lately. Unfortunately, the layover is only about 50 minutes, so there won't be enough time for me to sneak out troll around places mentioned in the Millennium Trilogy... alas. Our fundraiser that we are finally doing looks like it will be well attended (and if you are in the Dayton area reading this, you should totally come).

In Political Communication, the only class I have that isn't stressing me out right now, we had a guest speaker come from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) which is a Neo-Con think-tank in DC. It was quite interesting, and I learned a lot about what think-tanks do. It actually sounds like it would be a cool place to work someday, so I took the guys card.

I have so much stuff going on right now it's crazy (like the length of my posts lately has been crazy - I sincerely apologize). I used to always think that if I had such a full schedule and so much hanging over my head it would be like the worst thing in the world, but it really hasn't been so far. In fact, sometimes I almost think that I'm happier like this. Of course, it could just be that with so many issues, I never have time to worry about one thing for too long. Or maybe it's because this is only the 2nd full week of it, and I'll completely burn out on the 3rd or the 4th, or the 17th. But that hasn't happened yet, and for now I think I'm doing okay.


Kelly said...

Hey, if you need any help with math, let me know!

Andrew said...

Thanks, I probably will :)

Isaac said...

I'll have to force myself to do good in Algebra, I just got WoW.

Andrew said...

Wow! (no pun intended)

What kind of character are you going to have first?

Isaac said...

Night Elf rouge, and then I might make a human paladin if I have the spare time. I plan on sending stuff between my guys because the paladin will do weapon smithing and the rouge will do skinning. (A lot of the armor and weapon smithy blueprints require leather)