Monday, January 10, 2011


I have been quite ill the past few days. I woke up Friday morning with something that felt like a bad fever and then felt miserable for the rest of the day. That night I barely slept and felt even worse on Saturday. This seemed to be terrible timing as my break was ending and I was expected to return to Bryan by today (Monday). As it turned out though, a huge snowstorm hit the South-East today, and Bryan canceled operations and asked all students not to return until it had passed. That was a bit of a relief but I was still feeling pretty down... especially after I got the bill for maintenance on my car, and found it was about three times what I had been expecting. Since I had time now, I decided to go to the doctors, where they gave me a strep throat test.

As I was in the room waiting for the results, my Dad texted me with the news that Talisman Energy, the company that has been leasing our land and preparing a drilling pad for the last year or two is finally starting to drill! This is great news, as it means we may finally see the payback from all the stuff they have been doing around our farm, and, it just may be enough to seriously help my parents with their financial situation.

Just as I was replying to my Dad's text, my doctor came back in and informed me that I did indeed have strep. While I'm not exactly happy to have it, I'm glad that it's that instead of the flu, because it means I can take a prescription for it, instead of just waiting for it to go away (which I had been doing unsuccessfully for the last three nights).

It kind of makes sense now... considering that I've felt kind of run down for most of Christmas break. Although that could have been just from how busy I've been. In the three weeks I've been back, I've take care of so many annoying logistical things: traveling to Lynchburg with my Dad to pack up the Soul display, getting my car inspected, getting my car's window repaired, renewing my drivers license, and mailing out lots of support letters for an upcoming missions trip; all combined with the normal social obligations of the holidays and people that I needed to visit because I won't have another chance for months... it almost didn't seem like a break.

Anyhow, I had been feeling a little hopeless the last few days. But then, I usually do when I'm really sick. Now that I will apparently be able to be cured (even if I haven't actually taken the stuff yet, because the Walmart pharmacy is running a full three hours behind schedule) I feel a little bit better. And the are drilling on our land... which could potentially solve a lot of my other problems too... so that's hopeful.


ajfcello said...

That's great new about the oil drilling! I'll pray that everything goes smooth with that and that you get to feeling better! Strep is NO fun! :-)

Halifirien Pilgrim said...

Oh, I wish I could come over there and give you a hug! That's a horrible way to start the semester. I went on winter break with a cold that lasted until the last week. I sympathize.