Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Couple Years & a Couple Continents

Happy New Years Day! By the time I finish this post, it will probably be the 2nd, but know that I started it on New Years Day ;) 

I had a pretty good time celebrating. I started with a bit of a New Years Eve-Eve party with my friend Chris at my place. We stayed up till the wee hours of the last day of 2010 playing SWAT on Halo Reach. The next day we drove back up to Corning where I met my family at the Cornfield's house where I spent most of the evening talking conspiracy theories with Joe - something I haven't done in a while. We went home at nine and my Mom and sisters started watching this perfectly horrid James Stewart movie from the 60's. In addition to being perfectly horrid, it was quite long, so we ended up staying up past midnight. My sisters all said that they had no interest in watching the ball drop as we usually do, and since they were using the TV for the movie, I tried to set it up on the computer. Unfortunately, while was showing streams of all the people in Time Square, they weren't actually showing the ball drop. Then, at about 11:59, my sisters suddenly changed their minds and decided that they did want to see the ball drop after all. What followed was a frantic scramble to pause the horrid James Stewart movie, fix the antenna, and find the right channel to see the drop. They missed it by seconds.

Tomorrow we will be in NYC for real though. I had decided this summer to go down and visit my friends Pete and Amanda in the city as they are briefly staying there before going back to Europe. I had originally wanted to go down earlier this week, but because the mechanic took several days to inspect my car, I was delayed until tomorrow. Then, when I explained my plans to my parents, they decided they wanted to come along... and take their car, which means that I didn't really need to wait all this time for mine to be legal. Anyhow, it should be fun, and I'm glad I'll get to see my friends again... it's been a couple years and a couple continents since I saw them last time.

That was back in Italy of course. Speaking of which, I spent this evening visiting one of my other friends, Nicole, who I accidentally convinced to go to Italy this past semester. It was interesting to hear about her experiences... how they were similar and different from mine.

So now I should really be getting some sleep, but after spending the last few days staying up so late, I just can't. I tried for about half an hour, but the longer I lay in bed, the more awake I got, so I decided to blog instead to see if maybe it would reverse the process. I'm afraid I haven't been successful.

And Dreams by Passion Pit is the bomb. Just stayin'

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