Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 4th Estate or Something Like That

It's been a long week so far... and it's only two days in. As I said in my last post, I started working on the staff for the Bryan Triangle, the campus newspaper. I was given a story to work on at the first meeting, but it unfortunately got shut down because certain faculty felt that it shouldn't yet be public knowledge, which was annoying. By the time they actually told me this, however, the week was already half over. One of my editors gave me a new story to work on about the start of the intramural basketball season, which I wasn't really thrilled about, because I don't normally follow sports very much and had decided early on that I would avoid sports stories as much as possible. Despite my misgivings, I took it, not wanting to have to come to the second class empty handed.

While not really being as interesting as my original story, the new one was much more complex. Instead of just interviewing one person I had to do a half dozen, not to mention sitting in on four or five games which is not really my favorite thing to do. I also had to take a lot more pictures, and get a lesson on how to use an SLR. On top of all that, I had to basically learn about the entire event from scratch, as I've never been familiar with basketball, let alone something as specific as intramural basketball and the unique nuances that surround in on one campus. Somehow I actually started to enjoy it though, even if it didn't convert me to being a sports fan, the challenge of it all was kind of a rush... which is good, because I'll probably be doing a lot more stuff like it this semester.

I had my story peer edited at the meeting last night before going to more games to take pictures and see if I could beef it up at all (although it's still probably shorter than they want). This morning at nine I had my conference with the department's journalism professor to do a final edit. He made some minor adjustments but told me that it was quite good overall and that he really liked my style of writing, which was good to hear, because sometimes I wonder about it. Then it was off to class. I spent my lunch break writing a response to a "A Rose for Emily" for Intro to Literature, which I didn't write last night because I unexpectedly ended up covering two more games for Triangle. I'm afraid it probably wasn't a very good response, because I was pretty tired and rushed, which is a bad combination.... The rest of my classes went well though, and I was able to make the final tweaks to my story and submit it to the server. So it should be in the paper Thursday morning.

I'm a little worried because while I was watching the state of the union address with my Poli-Gov major friends I got several texts from one of the staff editors asking me for more details about the games last night, which could mean that they want to add to it. Yesterday I basically rewrote it twice and finally felt like it flowed well (which my professor commented favorably on) so I really kind of hope they don't go and change it all around. At any rate, I can't do much now but wait until Thursday and see, and regardless of what happens, I'm glad that I'm done with it.


Isaac said...

Rebecca wanted to avoid the whole sign-in process, so here she is!:

Save me a copy of Thursday's paper please!

Andrew said...

Sure, I do plan on saving most of them now. It may end up on the website too though, in which case you'll be able to see it before then.

Halifirien Pilgrim said...

The Triangle. Hmm, I like it. There's a little more intrigue implied, in contrast to the name of the paper here, the Doah. Yours sounds much more intense.

Hope it turns out well!

Andrew said...

Haha, I'm pretty sure it's just named after the pattern of the sidewalks on campus, but it does sound cool.