Sunday, December 12, 2010

Semester's Last Weekend

Now is that odd time of the semester when some classes are done, others are about to have their biggest assignments come due, and everyone is generally in a state of discombobulation. You can start to feel the relief of the semester being over, but you still have some of the hardest tests right in front of you. Three of my classes, as of last week, are finished completely. For those that aren't, I have four finals next week. Only one of them is going to be at all difficult, and two of them will be mostly just discussion. Unfortunately the said discussion is going be on the topic of what we wrote in our semester papers, and the professor who teaches both of those classes didn't tell us anything about the papers until last week. They're both short though, so it really isn't that unreasonable. It was just a bit of a surprise when I got the email.

Yesterday was rather interesting. That morning I was walking around with no real destination when two of my friends, Katy and Bryce, pulled up next to me and started gesturing for me to come over. It turns out they just got engaged, which is great. After that I went and watched Scrooge, which the school drama department was performing. I spent most of the evening (aside from when I was watching Taliban on CNN, which is very good, and you should try to catch the second half this evening if you read this in time) hanging out with the freshman on my hall and watching first Elf, and then Christmas Story. They are really a cool good group of guys, and I've felt bad that I haven't spent more time getting to know them. It's just been a bad semester I guess, but anyhow, most of us at least will be here next semester too, so hopefully I'll do better.

This morning it was snowing quite a bit, and although it doesn't really stick on the ground here, it at least added a nice effect. I decided to wake up and go to church, even though I had stayed up till after two last night playing Halo Reach with some guys over on Long 4th. I road with Drew, my RA/Suitemate to Westminster Presbyterian, which is generally where I go while in Tennessee. It was kind of a Christmas praise/devotional service, and while most of it was nice, it seemed like it took about three times longer than it usually does. Maybe it was just that I stayed up late though.

At the sad rate that I have been posting recently, this may well be my last entry from Tennessee for now, unless something particularly interesting happens of course. I can't really express how much I'm looking forward to getting home... less than a week now.

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Isaac said...

That's good news! (except for the test)