Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Death of a Turkey

I have only one class left before Thanksgiving break begins. I won't be going home, as I would end up spending almost as much time driving as I would with my family. Instead I'm heading for Tallahassee Florida to spend the holiday with my cousins. It should be fun, as I'll get to run in the Tallahassee Turkey Trot with them like I did four or five years ago.

Last night I had the first of what will probably be several turkey dinners at a house on the hill with some friends. Left is Tomas carving the turkey.. He employed a very interesting technique that none of us had ever seen before....

Aside from watching Bryan win the first game of the NIAI national championship, I haven't really done much else that was particularly interesting. I'm really tired of most of my classes, but then, I was tired of most of them by the end of the first week, so that's really nothing new. Hopefully I will have an interesting Thanksgiving post... regarding the Turkey Trot. Also, Black Friday is a possibility, as I know my cousins are usually in to that. Not that I really have money to spend on anything like that, but it might be interesting to experience once.

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