Thursday, November 04, 2010

And It Keeps Coming

My time between posting keeps getting longer and longer these days. Classes have been as busy as usual, and the last couple days I've had the added stress of registering for classes. That shouldn't really be stressful if you've done everything the way you're supposed to, but I never have. All the uncertainty resulting from transferring, studying abroad, changing major once, and not knowing when I should or can graduate has made it chaotic. I thought I had everything figured out, but then, yesterday, I found out I had some course requirements that I didn't know about, and now it looks like I will definitely be graduating in Spring of 2012.

When I transferred to Bryan I assumed that that was when I would graduate, but this summer, looking at what I thought where my required courses, I had started thinking that I might be able to do it by next fall. I know staying that extra semester isn't the end of the world, and it will really look like I'm just graduating on time anyway, because it will be Springtime. But it's kind of depressing, because almost all of my friends from Italy will be gone by then. Also I'll be 22... which isn't terribly old, but when I think how my three cousins who are close to my age will all have had their Master's by that age, it's a little depressing as well.

Yesterday Bryan kicked off it's Symposium on Human Trafficking (alternately known as the SSTOP conference). Yesterday I listened to lectures by Dr. Paul Marshall, an authority on religious persecution. It was excellent, and I got to talk to him a little bit afterwords. Listening to someone like him makes me really see a reason to be doing the things that I'm doing... rather than just torturing myself for no reason at all... which tends to be more my general state of mind. This morning we heard from a State Department official from their bureau on trafficking (I forget the technical name). That was a bit ironic, as yesterday was the deadline from their summer internship, which I did not apply for, and therefore will not be doing. I did however, get accepted to Acts Project, so I will probably be doing something with them. That could possibly involve doing something with IJM, which is an organization we will also be hearing from this week.

Halloween passed since my last post. Last year I ended up in a crazy and unexpected situation on Halloween... and this year was kind of a repeat. I had been kind-of, sort-of, invited to a party/haunted house/rave last Saturday night, but decided not to go because I was feeling extremely tired from the week. On top of that, I had to watch The Oedipus Story that night. While at the play, I ended up running in to Kaity and her boyfriend Bryce. When asked if I was doing anything that night, I told them about the party, and they asked if I would consider going if they came along. A couple hours later, we arrived. By that time the haunted house was over, and there were only a few people dancing. Then another group of people arrived... and the atmosphere changed a bit. Let's just say it got a little out of hand... and every time I've run into them this past week we've had a good laugh about it.

I had my first meeting for BFC meeting last Wednesday. At this point our leaders were mostly just talking about raising support. I sent out most of my letters over fall break, and I've been really thankful for the response I've already received. I'm really excited about our group and what we will be doing over there. It's another one of those few things that just occasionally makes it seem like it's all worth it. I wish I could feel like that all the time, but unfortunately I can't.


Garrett said...

I wonder who those people who showed up could be... haha.

Andrew said...

lol, I usually try to keep things on here relatively vague and anonymous... but yeah, those people should show up more often. ;)