Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Perennials

A couple good friends of mine, Pete and Amanda Wells, just released their first EP. I met Pete and Amanda (although they weren't married then) in San Lorenzo Italy at SBI where Pete was my RA. We ended up playing guitar together, and I quickly realized Pete was one of the best guitarists I had ever met. We spent a lot of time fooling around with recording projects using nothing but webcam mics and acoustic guitars. While we didn't create too many masterpieces at that time, I realized Pete also a serious muse when it came to lyrics. I haven't seen him and Amanda since SBI, but shortly after I got home he moved back to the States and went to recording school on the West Coast (why I haven't seen them recently). We kept in touch though, and even exchanged a few projects, letting me see how their style was maturing. So I was really excited the other day when I heard about the release of their EP:

It has a kind of folk-alternative sound with lots of guitar picking and ambient vocals. The lyrics are very thought provoking, and sometimes downright haunting. You should check it out.

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