Friday, October 08, 2010

Class in the Dark

This afternoon I took Cami, a friend of mine, to the airport to fly home for Fall Break. Tomorrow I'll go again, only for myself. My parents and I decided that rather than taking two whole days of my break and $150 worth of gas to drive home, I should fly instead. So I'll hopefully be back in Pennsylvania/New York by tomorrow night.

There was a huge attitude of excitement around campus all day. We almost didn't have class at all when the power went out for a couple hours this morning. We went through the first couple hours in the dark, but then, just a few minutes before the time when they said the rest of the day would be canceled if the power didn't come back on, it came back on. I still ended up being done by one however, as chapel and my algebra class were both canceled.

So now I have a week off. I have to write a paper on a documentary/debate that we watched in Psych of Comm. It has to do with the existence of God, and contrasts the views of C. S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud. It was very interesting, probably the most interesting thing I've seen all semester (not that that's saying much this time around). While it was interesting, it has also been kind of depressing. It's causing me to think hard about a number of things that I haven't thought hard about in a few years. And it reminds me that the reason I stopped thinking about them wasn't that I found any answers, but because I slowly learned to ignore them.

Anyhow... that combined with the fact that I just wasn't feeling that great before, I've almost had a hard time even being excited about fall break... which is kind of strange. Maybe that's good though. Last semester I got really excited about spring break, and then it ended up being kind of horrible... what with getting the stomach bug, the worst sunburn of my life, and then rain the rest of the time. So maybe irony will work in my favor this time. Of course, hoping that it will would take the irony out of it... so maybe I should stop. Anyhow, it's going to be a long day tomorrow, so I better get to sleep soon.

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Kelly said...

Have a good flight, Andrew!

That power outage messed me up a little... I really needed to do lexical research on Bibleworks yesterday morning. I present my thesis research every friday in seminar, but alas - I had nothing to present on! Dr. Davis cancelled class since I wasn't prepared. I felt pretty awful.

But hey. Fall Break! I hope you get your paper done (I have a few too, actually. Why can't they just let a break be a break?) and avoid the scorching sun :)