Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shredding Tires & Stealing Coffee

After only sleeping three hours last night, leaving home at 6:30AM, and driving for 14 hours, I'm finally in Dayton Tennessee. It rained torrentially for the first half of the trip, and then seemed unbearably hot and bright for the second half.

Aside from the weather though, my journey really went remarkably smoothly. Getting hit by a shredded tractor-trailer tire and accidentally taking somebody else' coffee at one of my multiple starbucks stops were the worst things that happened, and considering that the tire didn't do any serious damage, and the coffee was really more the barista's fault, it could have been much worse.... ;)

I finally arrived about 8:00 this evening. I was exhausted (and still am now). I hadn't been able to get in touch with Jonathan, my room mate all day (I later learned this was due to a major catastrophe that befell his phone recently) and was afraid I wouldn't be able to get into the room, as the offices where I pick up my key were all closed by then. Fortunately, my new RA noticed me walking back from the door and let me in, and then helped move my things up from my car.  

So it was a long trip, but I'm here now, and very thankful.

PS. if any part of this post doesn't make sense, please attribute it to my general lack of sleep, food, or some other necessity.....

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ajfcello said...

Hope school goes well for you! Sounds like you've already had a bit of trouble and don't really need any more! : )