Friday, July 09, 2010

Steep Stairways & Slippery Summits

Two days ago we went pontoon boating on Saranac Lake, which was lot's of fun. Unfortunately, I forgot my SDHC card, and while I was able to take enough photos on my camera's built in memory, I lack the correct cable to transfer them to my computer. We enjoyed the boating so much that we will probably go again before we leave, in which case I WILL remember my SDHC card and post the pictures.

Yesterday we drove up Whiteface Mountain as far as it's possible to drive, and when we could drive no further, climbed the twisted and slippery rock and metal staircase to the the summit:

The whole excursion was breathtakingly beautiful, from the drive up the side, to the castle like building that marks the entrance to staircase, to the view of Lake Placid from the top:

The downside of this however, was that we had to stop, what felt like at least ten times, to take pictures. I'm all for taking pictures (just as any of my traveling buddies from Europe!) but there comes a point when it just gets to be too much. The point at which you are slowing everyone down and really not taking photos that are much different from those you already have....

Here is a video that I had my sister Maryah take on the summit:

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aManAmongThem said...

Awesome video. All you need now is a suit, tie, and ear-bud-radio. :D