Sunday, July 11, 2010

Of Lakes, Locks & Crazy Contraptions

Last night Nicky and I decided that it being our last night of vacation together, we ought to do something a little crazy. He suggested we build a "crazy contraption", and several hours later, we had this to show for it:

Yesterday we went boating a second time on Saranac Lake. This time we came in the morning and packed lunch so that we could stay all day and travel through the lock into the next lake where there is a beach. Also unlike the first time, I remembered my SDHC card, and was thus able to take more than 12 pictures:

Here is our pontoon boat as my Dad circled it around an island he had dropped us off to explore:

This is the lock that we went through. I was always interested in locks when I was a little kid, but had never actually been in one. It was really cool, and operated by a lady who said that she comes to work every morning in a kayak.


aManAmongThem said...

Awesome contraption! Haha!


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