Monday, June 28, 2010

Attack of the Lightning Bear

I was really exhausted from our weekend last night when I finally crawled into bed around 12. I had been hearing some distant thunder for several minutes and eventually started to see some flashes of lightning. Knowing I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I missed an opportunity to take pictures of it again, I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed out. I ended up at the bottom of the hill down below my grandparents house and was rewarded by a few really good shots:

On the way back things got even more interesting. While crossing the road, somebody, I think coming back from a late night at the Stanley's, pulled off our lane and caught me crossing Hickory Road in bare feet, no shirt, my technicolor flannel pants, and carrying my long camera tripod. It probably looked like some kind of occult activity or something.

When I got back near our house, I started hearing rattling and crunching noises coming from between my house and my parent's house. Then I heard Bella barking her head off from inside my place and knew it could only be one thing. I got up on the deck and ducked into my parents house just in time to see a black bear ripping apart our trash just ten or fifteen feet in front of me! He was remarkably unafraid and stayed around for about five minutes afterwords with me watching him.


overthinker said...

great pics! maybe you should grab a shotgun next time with the tripod...haha
yeah i could never live much farther from the sea then a few hours, i think i would die after a few months!

Delian said...

That lightening storm was super awesome!
however, I only got to hear the kids watching gladiator in the livingroom
no bears :(

Andrew said...

Gladiator is a pretty good movie though ;)