Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Good Change

Tonight is my last night in Tennessee for a while. The semester is ending, and I will apparently be heading home for the summer.

Looking back on the last three months, I'm really glad that I came to Bryan. It was rough for the first half of the semester, but now that I've reached the place I have, I'm extremely thankful that I'm here. I feel like I fit in with the general culture and attitudes a lot better. Not completely but better. I'm not in a minority just for completing assignments, and most of the people I'm around seem pretty motivated.

While I haven't made a ton of really deep friendships, I'm around a lot of really great people, and look forward to getting to know them better.

I'm still a bit unsure/insecure about the future, I feel a lot more sure of myself than I did three months ago, and have more ideas that I feel like I could really pursue than before.

This evening I walked around Dayton with Jonathan (we had intended to go out for a cup of coffee, but we forgot that everything in Dayton shuts down at 6:00pm). We while cutting back across the town to get back to my car, we happened upon some swing dancers. As it turned out, they were Bryan students celebrating somebodies birthday. Jonathan has, even when we were overseas, never been able to resist a dance, so we ended up there for about half and hour.

Later this evening I went to Bryan's apartment to hang out with him one last time. Unlike Jonathan, I can't say for sure when I will see him again. He's graduating this Saturday, and while he's staying in Dayton over the summer, he is looking at a number of possibilities for next fall that involve moving to Europe.

So it was a good last full day in Dayton. I had one final, and will have one more tomorrow (two really, but one is more just touching base about how my trip to CPAC10 went). Then I'm heading to Virginia to meet my Dad who is delivering a stove. God willing, my car will spend the rest of the trip on my Dad's trailer, where the fact that it has a broken radiator fan will be of no matter.

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