Monday, May 24, 2010

The End of an Era

The few of you who read this blog probably know that I don't frequently post about film or music, and almost never post about TV shows (probably owing to the fact that I have only really watched 2 in my entire life).

Tonight however, I make an exception. The final episode of 24, the show said to have, along with Lost (which I didn't watch) to have defined TV during the 00's.

It is finally over, and TV will once again be a nearly empty world for me.

As for my thoughts on this last episode [mild spoiler alert] I appreciated the fact that Jack ended up making the decision not to kill some people. His ramboesque antics throughout the past few weeks were fun, but I was starting to feel a little morally bleak about the whole thing.

I also thought it was cool how they had Chloe play such a big part. She was always a great part of the show.

I'm glad President Taylor came clean in the end... even if it seemed a bit unrealistic, it was good twist. I also liked the little IR realist school-of-thought jab at the UN and "peace".

And... finally, Jack. At first I was disappointed that they didn't provide some more closure (it being the last episode ever and all), but I soon decided that it was the only really appropriate way to end it. Jack being in trouble and on the run after all is basically one of the fundamental constants of the universe, not unlike the laws of chemistry or orbit of the planets.

All in all, this last episode was very good, and left me feeling quite positive, which is unusual for 24.

So hears to 24, Jack Bauer, and all of the other awesomeness!

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