Sunday, May 02, 2010

Disease, Floods & Finals

Been feeling pretty miserable the last couple days. Thursday night I was up late finishing a paper for International relations. By early afternoon I was starting to have a soar throat and irritated sinuses. Some guys from my hall invited me out to eat at buffalo wild wings, and by the time I got back I was feeling really tired + worse of the above problems. I didn't sleep much that night because of my sinuses and stuff and felt horrible the next day.

I was going to just relax last night, but Ariel invited me to watch Braveheart with some people in Woodlee, and after that we went to Mercer and played some games (which included turning off all the lights that would go off, playing ghost in the graveyard, and consequently driving out all of the couples who normally inhabit the building that time of night). So I was up kind of late again (not that I was able to sleep very well once I got back to my room).

All last night I was really congested and I woke up the same this morning, which is disgusting. I've been coughing a lot now too... which is probably good because it means that its going through its typical cycle. In a week and a half I will be just fine... the only problem with that is I have finals tomorrow, starting at 8, and continuing through Wednesday, when I drive home to Pennsylvania with my Dad.... so its going to be a rough next few days here.

Anyhow, other than the cold and the finals, I'm doing okay. It's been raining here on and off, but over in Nashville it's been declared a national disaster because of flooding. One of the guys on my hall said his Mom was being evacuated from her house in a boat!


mkw said...

What is ghost in the graveyard? I feel like I've played it before a long long time ago.

Andrew said...

It's kind of like hide-and-go-seek tag in the dark, only after a round is over, all the people who got tagged become seekers and only the people who made it back to base get to hide again, so eventually you end up with lots of seekers and only a few people hiding.

It was fun. I don't think I had ever played it before, although I had heard Matthew and Chris and Collin talk about it once.