Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Group Project Horror Stories


I've been in college for two years now, and during that time have been bombarded with many horror stories about group projects. I had, however, never experienced one. All my groups that I had ever been a part of were polite, at least somewhat motivated, and communicated well, and safely before deadlines. I had almost begun to think that group project horror stories were nothing but a college myth. They are not.

For my English 2 class, I ended up, not really by choice, in a group with two other guys to give a presentation on a critical essay about the story A River Runs Through It. I tried to talk with them early on. However, they made it quite clear that they didn't want to talk about it... which I guess was a bad sign.

The presentation is due tomorrow, so I sent them both an email early today asking if when they wanted to meet. I got no reply. I waited until 9 this evening, and then finally decided to go ahead and make the ppt presentation myself in my dorm's computer lab. After reviewing the assignment, researching the author, interpreting the text, and making the slides by myself, I emailed the two guys, to tell them what I had done. A few minutes later I got an email from one of them that just said "where are you?" I ended up getting one of their phone numbers from a friend who knew them, and called to find out where they were.

I got to the place where they were having their own last minute meeting and asked if they had told me where it was before... to which they said "no, we weren't really planning on it."

As it turned out, they weren't planning on doing a powerpoint, even though it was a requirement for the project. So it's a good thing I made one. However, their selected quotes and interpretations of the text were obviously different, so after our "meeting" I had to go back and remake a lot of the slides.

And tomorrow we get to give the presentation, with no real preparation or planning.

So, after all this time deprived, I finally have had a bad group project experience. The kicker is that I'm in another group, that with the exception of one member, is looking just as bad as this group (only the project is going to be much more intense than this one!). So there we go. I think I need to smoke some pot... except that it's illegal... and I don't have any.... So instead I came back to my room and listened to some lcd sound system, which has a similar effect on me really.

So that's annoying. Group projects aside though, things are going alright, which is good.

All for now.

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