Sunday, March 28, 2010


It rained really hard this morning. The funny thing is, it has rained really hard every single Sunday morning that I have been here, or at least those on which I actually went to church.

This morning I went to a Westminster Presbyterian church. I like Presbyterians, even if they seem a little dead sometimes. I think they tend to be more intellectual than emotional.

Speaking of not being emotional, I've been feeling really drained the last couple days. Ever since I got through the first few weeks of the semester I started to have this sense of purpose and excitement that I had never experienced before. Then, at some point last week, it was just gone. I don't know if it was getting discouraged about something I had wanted to do this summer, or planning for next semester, or thinking that maybe things hadn't been going as well as I hoped they would as far as relationships with my friends here. At any rate, I've been feeling pretty low the last couple of days.

I wish I had something more exciting to post about, but I haven't done much this past week. I haven't even had to much to do in the way of homework or papers. This week is going to be a little more intense, but probably not too bad.

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