Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eaten In the Ocean... by Dolphins?

* I wrote this last night, but either was down, or my network was doing something fishy, because it wouldn't let me post.

We've been staying on Cocoa Beach in Southern Florida. This morning we went down and I ended up body boarding out on the surf with a kid from Kansas. After fifteen minutes or so, I saw my Mom and brother waving me in. Then I saw a bunch of people on the beach joining in waving me and all the two kids I was with in. I figured that they were just paranoid about us going out to far or something, and by the time I got back to shore I was a little annoyed. Then they told me that they had all seen several sharks swimming right behind me, just a few feet from my back!

They were eventually identified as dolphins, however, and I went back out. I got to see them closer, because them swam by three or four more times in the next half hour.

Cocoa beach is nice. The town is kind of cheap and skanky, but there is a kind of cool historic district.

I got a bad sunburn, which looks worse than it is, because I put sunscreen on my nose, and cheeks and ears, so they are normal, but threre is a big red ring round my mouth, and my forehead and throat are all messed up, so it looks like I have some kind of birth defect or something.

Not much else to report. I don't have any idea where we are headed tomorrow.

I have been thinking about the foreseeable future again; namely this summer. I've been looking at an option for something to do that would be, in what has apparently become my style lately, rather unorthodox. But it would require a lot of doing, and I just don't know if I can work of the guts to get started with the process.

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