Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leaving Soon

Well, tomorrow at around 9:00 am we are leaving for CPAC 2010. I'm packing my computer tonight, but I will definitely try to keep blogging while I'm there.
From what I've read online DC still seems to be under quite a pile of snow, and that combined with our already rather hectic schedule and arrangements is bound to make it a bit of an adventure.

As I understand it I will be leaving tomorrow morning, driving to a home owned by Dr. Clauson, staying the night there, going on to the conference, and then driving back to a house about 45 minutes out of DC where most of us will be spending our nights.

I'm pretty excited about the conference itself, as far as the speakers go. By way of connections with a Bryan Alumni who now works for the guy who is heading up XPAC, the young adults lounge at the convention center, most of us will be working an hour or to at the registration table and then getting in for free. This will apparently mean free food, video games, and possibly a short appearance by Ann Coulter. So... it sounds like a pretty good deal at this point.

Will keep you updated.


sherlock said...

Have fun dude.

pline said...

harro from malaysia! just saw the comment you left on my blog. thanks! btw you take stunning pictures. :D kudos to you. anyways, i'll drop by occasionally to check the shots out. :D seeya!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!